Some reflections of others

Here are some reflections of other people (who did great work – I’m amazed, I think we’re on to something really outstanding):

Here Jon Radoff, who did a history of social games – he displayed it in a very cool graph (that shows the advantage and a few of the problems at one glance):

Here a teacher applied Sid Meiers Civ for his history teaching and another taking it into university . He describes how they talked about it in class and came up with new ideas like matrices (which is an interesting idea for an underlying modell) and techspheres –  WOW. I can really imagine the large sphere having technologies on it, which are interconnected and ideas evolving (through morphing software) into one another.

Scientific historians could use the tool to detect links missing and interpolate the gestalt of these missing links!

And at last – the post who seemes to be the root of that tree 🙂 Trevor Owens Blog about games, online learning and digital history, with his post: Science grows on trees (what a nice picture – even if (strictly speakin) civilizations tech tree is no tree but a directed graph).

I’m still ambivalent about the technology, the choices are:

  • JavaFX
  • Javascript

(I despise flash – it is so closed and stylish-designish; after all I’m a serious informatician)

What do you think?


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