Missing Links

Today I did some research on the connectedness and topology of knowledge. It seems to me, that there is nothing like that.

This is completely out of our cultural focus. It is really as I stated in one of my previous posts – the connections and the topology of knowledge are completely obscure and burried in heaps and tons of linear material. Hyperlinks were some sort of outstanding breakthrough in such an unlinked intellectual environment.

And of course the Mindmaps (which I don’t consider Buzan as their inventor, as I’ve seen Mindmaps made by Charles Darwin). But they are so rigid. Petri-Nets are completely unconnected with the use of showing knowledge and AI-nets are used to try to imitate brains.

I really wonder what our world-culture has done the last few thousand years. They seem to have invented the book press and then leaned back and said: OK, now we try to improve it until it’s digital. But whatever we do, we don’t change the paradigm.

Hmmmm….  sounds familiar. They did the same with schools: rennovate, don’t innovate.

The links are missing completely. They are burried in the text and you have to find out by reading.



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